• Allie Gritt

Social Media isn't for everyone

After taking classes, and working in the industry for a while, most signs would point to how beneficial social media can be for any small business. Yes, social media can help grow your business and help create the awareness you might be looking for when launching a business. However, the key ingredient for any successful social media platform is content. Without content, your page lacks the meat needed to attract people's attention. Great photography, videos, and a little behind-the-scenes action can make for great content.

Working with my clients, it's my job to be sure to schedule photoshoots, video sessions, and anything extra that we want to add to their content calendar. It's the client's responsibility to meet me halfway by preparing their products for the shoot, scheduling the time, and committing the time to brainstorm ideas together with me.

I absolutely love what I do, and leave with a high of success whenever I have game plan meetings with any of my clients. I find what I do invigorating, and it hurts my creative soul when I see small businesses give up on their marketing goals because they didn't meet me halfway with the content needed.

As far as the trends go on social media for small businesses, followers still want to see authentic stories coming through your page. People crave connections, and feeling like they know you personally helps them feel like they belong and want to continue to use your product or service.

If I can offer any inspiration to help grow your social media content, I would have to say follow the 3 P's:




Be sure to take excellent, well-lit, photos. Include people in any shot you can. Focus on maintaining your purpose in each and every post.

The only reason why social media wouldn't be right for everyone, is if that person isn't ready to admit that they need help. Social Media can absolutely be for everyone if they're willing to put in the effort, time and commitment that it takes to build and grow each account.

Questions? Feel free to contact me.

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