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Social Media is the New Word-of-Mouth

Back in 2010, four classmates decided to take a leap of faith by starting a company based on a technique that had not yet been successful. Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, David Gilboa, and Jeffrey Raider launched an idea that has been a gamechanger ever since.

Perhaps you've heard of Warby Parker, or seen their ads flash by your social media feeds. These four students wanted to change up the game for people that needed prescription glasses. If you're someone that has to wear glasses, then you know all too well the annoying process of going through almost every pair of frames at the eye doctor only to end up being frustrated by not finding your perfect fit for your face.

Well, this is where Warby Parker stepped in, they introduced the art of online shopping for prescription glasses. Initially, customers were skeptical, but with the business model that included a “Home Try-On Campaign” that allowed customers to try on multiple pairs of glasses in the comfort of their own space -- the sales spoke for themselves.

Warby Parker didn't stop there. Since customers were so thrilled with the experience, Warby Parker wanted to include them in their social media campaigns. They began to promote user-generated posts, which then encouraged more people to buy, post, and share since they were getting to be in front of so many different sets of eyes through the Warby Parker social media.

Because people trust people they know more than a social media ad, more customers were ordering from Warby Parker after hearing their friends' success stories. By one person posting about their new glasses on their social, Warby Parker was able to use these customer posts to their benefit.

Just like in the old days, when someone would tell your family to go try a new restaurant or go check out a new product, people are still doing this -- just through their phones. When you go eat at a new hot spot in town or get your hair done by a new stylist -- odds are you snap a selfie or take a pic with friends you're spending time with. These are all simple ways to spread information about new businesses without the business doing the marketing part.

Since 2020, food and beverage establishments have been suffering big time with a lack of staff, funds, and customers. This is just one of the many industries that got hit pretty hard during COVID and is probably the easiest one to help.

The next time that you grab a cup of coffee or take the family out to dinner or grab a drink to celebrate an accomplishment, stop -- take a selfie or a group photo or just a quick shot of what you're eating/drinking and POST it! Find the place on social and TAG them!

By helping out a struggling small business you're not only feeding the families of their staff and management, but you're helping rebuild the economy that's been so brutally bruised by this pandemic.

I hope this encourages you to help spread the word online about your favorite eateries and shopping spots!


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