• Allie Gritt

Role of Social Media

If you're anything like me, you spend quite a bit of time scrolling through your instagram feed on a daily basis. While you're scrolling how often can you say you stop scrolling when you start to pass a photo of pair of jeans you like or ring you know would look amazing on you?

By measuring our likes and clicks, instagram is able to send targeted ads to your feed from companies that pay to have you see their ad. I can speak from experience in that I have clicked on and bought so many ads for clothes, house accessories, or a new purse. I personally only see ads for clothing or housing companies, but there are times when I've been talking about something that week and start to see ads about that.

One example of a funny ad that continues to target me on instagram is baby ads. I'm helping my mother-in-law plan a baby shower, and every time we talk about it when my phone is around, I start seeing ads for baby clothes, baby accessories, or baby decorations.

I have begun to describe different things that I'm looking to buy out loud near my phone so that I begin to see targeted ads and marketing from companies that sell that product that I'm looking for. This makes my online shopping a little easier when it comes to shopping for something specific.

By creating ads that attract my eye, companies using instagram ads are using a strategy that drives engagement to their social media accounts, and in turn to their website for the purchasing of the product. The strategy on these ads usually takes advantage of measuring the click-throughs to the desired destination which usually involves either their profile or their website store.

Most social media platforms, including instagram, offer analytics to those using business accounts and these are free assets to improve your social media following, engagement, and growth. These analytics offer the age, gender, and location of your audience which helps you know when to post and what to post that will attract the audience that you want. 

To grow a social media account using ads like so many businesses do, instagram allows you to create targeted audiences by building the audience based on age, location, occupation, lifestyle, interests, and relationship or life status. It’s actually a little scary how finite you can make your target audience for social media ads.

So to begin this process, it all starts with STRATEGY. Strategy on what your end result and goal is, and what do you have to do to get there. Who are you trying to target as your customer, and what are the analytics telling you their desired route of reach is? Research whether it’s a video, image, an image with text, or a selfie that attracts your target demographic.

Once you have that target in place, it takes effort and creativity to make the content that will give you the return on investment that you’re looking for!

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