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Pinterest for Business

Did you know that Pinterest is more than DIY inspiration? Pinterest also offers a business platform that allows businesses to post, create boards, use ads, and track analytics just like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter do!

Pinterest is one social media platform that most business owners overlook but can be highly beneficial to your business. There are over 175 million users on Pinterest, and if your business is something tangible or something that can be purchased online, there's an entire audience that you could potentially be reaching through a familiar platform that you've probably used to find last night's dinner recipe.

One of the key components to Pinterest for business is using keywords for people to find your posts by searching for those keywords you used. Camilla Hallstrom in an article from Business News Daily said it best, "Find relevant keywords by typing in a keyword in the search bar and checking the keyword suggestions you see right below the search bar," she said. "Then, include those keywords in your titles and descriptions." By using keywords, you make your posts accessible to a wider range of followers.

Pinterest ads for business are similar to Facebook and Instagram ads, in that you can geographically target your audience. The analytics are helpful in this case because you'll be able to tell who's looking at your pins and see the monetary effect that it has on your online store. Pinterest can also be linked to your online store on your website which allows customers to "pin it" to their boards and save for later or share with friends.

By following Pinterest analytics, businesses are able to track what device someone is using when saving their pin. You're also able to track the impressions, clicks, and re-pins. It's important to keep track of your analytics so you're not just posting aimlessly. All social media marketing has strategic purpose behind it, and Pinterest is no exception.

After creating your Pinterest business account, the first step is to create boards on your profile that help your audience get to know your business better. Classify your boards based on your products or something you’re trying to sell. For example, if you sell donuts, boards can be broken down into flavors, custom orders, and any other products that you offer. Or perhaps you are a health specialist and are selling coaching sessions for clients. Boards can be broken into dietary tips, meal plans, workout ideas, etc. 

The marketing for Pinterest is endless and has huge potential. I highly recommend using Pinterest for business if you aren’t already. Questions about setting up an account? Contact us! 

Don't have a Pinterest business account yet? Create one HERE.


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