• Allie Gritt

Out with the Old?

Back in 2004, Orkut Büyükkökten at Google started a social networking site that would allow users to find others using communities that would connect people interested in the same topics. It was called Orkut after its' founder but only lasted until 2014 when it stopped meeting the needs of its audience.

Similar to many other apps that came and went, this case study on Orkut and its' success in Brazil shows us how important it is to research the market and continue to evolve to remain relevant in this ever-changing society.

Brazil is ranked one of the highest markets for online retailers and shoppers since they use social media to research products and businesses. I know for myself, I always look up a business or company on Instagram or yelp before I choose them.

Having your business information on your social media accounts helps users find you (boosting your SEO), get to know you (building relationships), and provides a place for customers or clients to provide feedback (helping you remain relevant).

Orkut phased out of the social networking realm because they couldn't provide users with what they needed. My advice would be to learn from this, and to never be afraid of change which can only lead to growth!

Scared to film your first TikTok or Reel? Don't be. Stepping out of your comfort zone to remain relevant will only confirm that you're heading in the right direction to grow your business!

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