• Allie Gritt

Keep It Simple

Social Media Marketing may seem like a daunting task, but gone are the days when small business marketing revolved around "going viral."

Creating lasting relationships with customers and clients is the way of the future. People want to feel welcomed when they look at your social pages. Being able to create that welcoming and personable presence is the goal for any social media marketing plan.

When a customer stumbles upon your Instagram or facebook business profile, would you rather them glance and move on or click to learn more? By getting on the customer's level, you allow yourself to bond with the client before even meeting them.

No matter the industry, people want to feel comfortable and welcomed before using your services or business products. There's an interesting dynamic in today's world of self-affirmation and boosting self-confidence where people need that confirmation of self-worth before investing their time and money.

So next time you're creating a post, or working with your social media guru, be sure to remember to offer value to the audience by creating personable content to help grow your business.

Never be too good for your audience. Vulnerability is key!

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