• Allie Gritt

Instagram's Cultural Influence

Whether it's outfit inspiration, home decor ideas, or meme comic relief - the ways in which Instagram has influenced our culture are limitless. I use Instagram for photography inspiration and ideas which drive me to better my craft of content photography. With my social media marketing company, I am constantly scrolling through Instagram to find new trends to stay on top of for my clients. I honestly would have to say that I think my life would be much less stressful without Instagram because there wouldn't be a constant reminder of the competition that I feel my clients are trying to "win." Without Instagram, I wouldn't be able to do what I love and earn money doing it.

Instagram has influenced culture in so many ways through celebrities, influencers, and restaurant/coffee/brewery industries. I actually spoke to a client today about how big of an impact it can make on your business when a celebrity or influencer endorses your product or services. Instagram is the new "word-of-mouth" which explains how whenever we see a trend on Instagram, we immediately find that outfit or get that haircut to stay with the trends. Everyone wants to be desired and appreciated, and Instagram has been a way in which everyone can achieve or not achieve that feeling.

I think that Instagram has allowed many of us to share our artistic talents with others in a positive way. Seeing other people's artistic posts inspire us to make our posts even better than they were before which just means that we're all bettering ourselves for the sake of the gram. According to Tara Calishain, "As a cultural curation platform, Instagram has been used to illuminate history, to explore human identity, and to experience various cultures and subcultures"(Calishain 2019). Instagram has brought together influencers from around the world and does enable us to learn more about other cultures than our own. On the surface, most pages with the "blue checkmark" might seem a bit shallow, but underneath, we're all just trying to better ourselves to gain some sort of gratification for something we're proud of.


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