• Allie Gritt

Instagram = Easy Marketing

Instagram is one of the most crucial social media platforms for your business or marketing needs. All it takes is a great photo, catchy caption, and strategized hashtag usage.

For me, instagram is usually an escape from reality for me while I use my own personal account. I take note of interesting photography ideas I see, and look for new trends and ideas from bigger areas outside my city.

Have you ever scrolled past a sponsored post that has those exact sandals you've been eyeing? There's a reason for that! Instagram allows for businesses to use targeted ads that help reach a new audience than their general following. I'll admit I'm a sucker for instagram ads, and most of my closet came from a sponsored post that I scrolled upon.

An example of a targeted ad that I totally bought was for Steve Madden's new sandals that all the lifestyle blogger instamodels had, and I knew I had to have them. Once I finally saw that ad on IG, I couldn't help but hit that button to add those to my sandal collection!

If you're working on growing your social media following or driving traffic to your website, social media ads is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to achieve those goals. With the correct target audience, Instagram gives you the capabilities to track your analytics as far as your followers and audience goes.

I encourage all of my clients to use instagram to its full capacity by posting at the appointed times that your followers are active, and to target your captions geared towards the audience that you are trying to reach!

Questions about instagram for your business needs? Let us know!

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