• Allie Gritt

Handling Social Media Issues

Owning a social media marketing company, I deal with social media issues on a daily basis which is part of being paid to run social media accounts for local businesses. One of the biggest issues I've been facing today is masks. In today's COVID world, we have to be so careful to post photos that showcase proper etiquette when it comes to the guidelines presented to us from the state. For example, one of my clients is a brewery and restaurant, and I have to be extremely careful with their photos. I see so many comments come in complaining that the table placements look too close, or people should be wearing masks while sitting down on the patio while they're eating, the list goes on.

The example company I choose is actually my client, Starr Brothers Brewing Company. They had a PR scandal during COVID because the owner posted about the New Mexico Governor, and pleaded for other restaurants to stand with him against the continued closures they've had since March. It didn't take long for the client to share it on the business page, and then it continued to spiral from there. The comments were awful, his post became a meme, and someone even made a hate page for them on Instagram. I drafted an official letter to post in response to the comments and his original post which was removed from their pages. They lost a few customers and followers but gained so many more by responding the way that we did. We strategized, and shifted our gears from being a one-sport showing bar to showing all sports to be more inclusive, and are beginning to partner with the local athletes as well to help them build back up their reputation.

Social media is definitely a game of how you respond in times of crisis. You can either be a leader or a follower. I choose to lead the trends in my small city and absolutely love when I see other local accounts jumping on trends that I've started. My goal is to build up Albuquerque as a better and more creative city, and I've seen it transform so much in the last few years thanks to social media. The easy route is to delete your account when you mess up or give up on social media entirely, but the hardest part is being strategic about what you post and why you post it.

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