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Gone are the Days of Organic Reach

With it being the beginning of a new month, I send my clients their social media reports from the previous month so that they can see how their posts, pages, and followers are doing. I enjoyed how Avinash Kaushik has us look at Priceline's Facebook page to prove the organic algorithm of Facebook, and how little reach business pages have these days. Long gone are the days when people organically see your business posts without a paid ad, boosted post, or hashtag usage.

The KPIs that I use for my clients on their Facebook and Instagram pages are Reach, Page and Profile Visits, and New Likes and Followers. The way that I find these analytics used to be through the analytics feature on, however, I actually discovered today that through the new Meta for Business features that they just rolled out, you now can see all of your monthly results through Meta.

I found it interesting that Meta now shows us Facebook and Instagram analytics together, but on different graphs. It's almost as if they want you to use their new Meta for Business features just to show you how big the need is for paid ads and boosted posts for business pages to increase their reach. Since the focus of my business is on social media marketing, I'm relieved that Meta now offers these joint reports for both of the main platforms that my clients need and use.

On the Meta for Business website, each strategy that they recommend regardless of your business type is through paid ads. The algorithm has finally reached a point of no longer allowing organic reach for small businesses, so businesses need to add this need for paid ads to their marketing budget in the immediate future. If small businesses are looking to find new clientele, then paid ads seem to be the only viable option.

The good news is that you don't need to put a lot of money into paid ads to reach your target audience. If you are able to create the target audience that will reach your buyer persona on Facebook and Instagram, then you will be able to reach hundreds of new viewers with under $20. Then of course, once those ads are made and approved, the results of the ads are added to your KPI list of things to measure each time you create a client report.

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