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Future Implications

Do you ever feel like social media trends and algorithms are changing too quickly to keep up? You're not the only one.

Social media isn't going to slow down any time soon, so our only option is to try to keep up. But instead of struggling to know what's next or what's trending, making social media marketing a priority for your business's growth is step number one. Social Media Marketing takes strategy, research, and planning.

Once you've set your goals and audience for your overall social media, it's then time to research. Learn what trends are working, which platforms your target audience is on, and what type of posts are getting the most traction.

A great tip that I love is following the pages for the platforms that you're using. I do this with Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok just to know when they post about when they're updating or changing things. Another idea that might seem like common sense but actually matters is to actually scroll, swipe, and consume content! Yes, it might seem a little silly but when you spend time on social media you're able to see what's trending, what others are doing, and what people are reacting to. This will help with your research and planning when it comes to creating your own content.

So we can talk about this until we're blue in the face, but actually creating the content is what is going to get your business out in front of your target audience! One thing my clients always tell me is that they don't have time during the day to record some videos or post some stories, or they forget to film some shots of a new real estate listing while they were doing a showing. But those live and on-the-job shots are money! Those are what help you connect to your audience in a personal way because you're showing your audience your daily routine and what things look like behind the scenes.

Yes, social media will continue to change and the only way to stay on top of it is to use it! Consume content and create content. Practice makes perfect and putting yourself out there is the best way to start!

Questions about where to start? I'm happy to chat!

-Allie Gritt

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