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McDonald's is the clear winner in annual revenue: $28 billion vs. Burger King's $1.15 billion in 2013.

It's not surprising that McDonald's is dominating on social media. McDonald's gets more business and they have more customers, so it makes sense they'd have more people following them on social.

What do Burger King and McDonald's actually post on social?

Burger King focuses their content on the food. BK posts food pics on both Facebook and Twitter.

McDonald's puts more emphasis on culture and happiness in their Facebook and Twitter feeds. McDonald's shares their customer photos to help humanize and personalize their feeds, which involves their customers on a personal level.

Another difference between the two fast-food establishments is the levels of their brand personalities, especially on Twitter. BK embraces the oddball humor, publishing funny and weird comments, while McDonald's often sticks to their happy and friendly branding.

Winner: McDonald's

This is a BIG example of the difference it makes to care about your customers and use them to help personalize your social media accounts. Involving your clients and customers allows you to create organic content without even trying. If you're presenting yourself as an inviting and friendly brand, then your customers will have no issues wanting to boast about you on their social media accounts -- which makes for easy sharing!

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